Small numbers in upper left of posts and thread titles?

What are these? Are upvotes making a comeback? Just noticed them.

Prolly awesomness counter. You are a 0 :PPP

No i dont know it popped up today… prolly a vote syste.

So they fixed it. It is as i told. The new Votesystem.

They tried that before with a plugin but that was not workin well. They have their own now. :3

I assumed it was hitpoints and I desperately needed a medkit.

Now the tag and quote stuff under your name has disappeared?

It is indeed an updooting system. Some extra stuff has been removed to help remove some of the white space, so you’ll get more post content for your screenspace :wink:

Haha, the first time they gave us upvoting/downvoting, everything was broken, and we were allowed to downvote things to be negative. There was this one random innocent thread that was like -7 from all of the trolls.

I wouldn’t mind a downvote button for posts that contain blatantly false or misleading information. Not that I see many of those, but it would be good to have the ability to downvote them when I do. On the WoW forums your post actually gets faded to grey if you’ve got enough downvotes, I think that’s pretty neat.

Edit: I can upvote myself! Sweet!

I agree. Sure, it can get trolled; but it’s still a very valuable tool in warning the community of false or rude posts for the rest of us.