Small Landscapes | Recommended Settings

Hello UE4 community,

I am working primarily on Previz and movie scenes with UE4.

Thus I don’t need big landscapes. For me it’s absolut sufficient working in the range of 7x7 or 15x15 or 31x31 Quads.
But I cannot determine the right parameters, which you also see when looking into the “Recommended Landscape Sizes” in the manual. There I have only bigger landscape examples.

Can somebody explain me, what would be a recommended “Section per Component” and “Number of Components” when working only in 7x7 and 15x15 and 31x31 Quads.

Also, did I understand it right, when working with “Section per Component” of 2x2, it’s less heavy in computing than 1x1?

For my target, I would like to set the landscape with the right parameters like the two 127x127 sizes down the chart of the official recommendations. But don’t know how much it would be with 7x7 and 15x15 and 31x31 Quads.

Thank you very much, greetings Frederick

@ClockworkOcean Maybe you can help me out.

Gotta be quite honest with you and admit that I don’t understand the landscape system fully. I’ve read that guide about 5 times, and still don’t understand why they have to break it up into so many different concepts. Although I’m sure there’s a good reason, resolution per component being one…

This one is pretty small:

If even their smallest landscape is too large, why bother using the tool at all? You can just use a mesh as your landscape. It’s much more performant.

Thank you for the honest answer. For me it is also super difficult to get through this manual page and understand it.

As a beginner, and not yet familiar with external 3D programs like Maya, Blender etc. I am trying to use all the tools from Unreal itself. Therefore with the landscape tool I can sculpt so easily in engine. Also almost every modern tutorial handling landscapes tells me to use landscapes rather than meshes, also in smaller sizes.

The smallest size in the manual I already used, but are also too big for me in a way. The half of it would be good, but I will stick to this recommended size for now. :smiley: