Small independent game designer looking for someone who can help me script an RTS game.

When it comes to building a world, designing and modeling characters, and some animation’s, I can handle my own.

But scripting is not my strong suite. I need certain systems built for my game, functionalities built into things.

I don’t have the money to pay for all of the things I want upfront, but I am willing to pay for individual scripts for various things.

The pay will vary depending on what I need at the time, but I can guarantee a minimum of 200$ per job, and, depending on the quality / functionality built into said systems, I can potentially offer as much as 500$ per job. (Negotiable)

I will need help with other things as well, such as networking, if you are a skilled networker as well, we can talk about that after the functionality is built into the games systems.

Remember, this is for an RTS game! I need people who can…

  1. Build me an RTS camera, or modify the ones from packs I’ve purchased from the UDK marketplace.
  2. Build me an in game grid snapping mechanism for raising structures, like from Command and Conquer games.
  3. Build or modify AI for units.
  4. Build or modify functionality built into structures / units, like commands to do certain things, such as formations, or purchasing units.
  5. Build a pathing system, so AI can follow pre determined paths set up by the player / etc. Possibly modify the Regions pack to work in game? Idk

and much more…

I wont “own” these functions, (Unless I pay 400-500$, then maybe I will want ownership) I don’t care if you put them on the marketplace or wherever afterwords, but I need them designed and I will be your first customer.

Maybe if you do a great job and plan on putting it on the marketplace, you can do so and then I will just purchase it from there to receive the automatic updates, and I can just pay you the difference between whatever your marketplace price is and my gauranteed minimum of 200$.

The Rundown

The way it works is, you pick a job you know you can handle and then get it back to me whenever! No deadlines, just get it to me whenever you can. We will discuss the pay / work before the job is started and agree on a price and certain expectations for the system / function I need built.

Once you can demonstrate to me either with a DEMO or video of the product that it works as I have specified, you will COD the product to me through UPS on a flash drive. I can reimburse you for the shipping and the flash drive, which will be precalculated and tacked on to the COD.

Obviously, the COD is for your protection. If you choose we can streamline the process and send it through the web and then I just PAYPAL you. Maybe after I have earned your trust :3

If you think you can handle one or two tasks thats great! Im not asking any one person to sit down and make this entire game with me, if your interested in a more complete list of tasks I need handled, please message me and I can send it to you so we can further discuss payment and work.

Thanks and please leave any inquires here or privately message me.

I sent a PM to you.