Small Hobby Team Seeking Blueprints Programmer - Combat Mechanics

Hello! We are seeking one or two blueprints programmers to develop a combat system similar to Soul Calibur for a very unique game concept we are developing. We are looking to build one level, with two characters for a calculated marketing push we are currently building, and need these mechanics done.

2 Player Combat System
1 Player vs AI Combat System
Local & Online Multiplayer
3D Movement in any direction, but each character is locked to facing the opponent.
Basic Combat Mechanics

I can potentially offer a small up front fee as I’m paying out of my pocket, as well as a revenue percentage and possible LLC partnership depending on involvement.

More details of this game can be described upon signing of our NDA!

Please let me know if you’d be interested in joining our team!

Hi mate, I am interested in this.
How can I contact you?

Im interested :smiley: