Small gaps between meshes when instancing and rotating.

I have a problem where small gaps appear where they shouln’t.
I am instancing planes created in blender with a size of 100x100. When alligning, everything is fine but if you rotate them 90° and allign them, samll gaps appear. I found a similiar post of 4 years ago, but there was no working answer.…ap_in_between/

I am using blueprint scripting.

A Video about the problem:…ew?usp=sharing

Thanks in advance.

Hi man, reading the pages look like there are some things to try.
1, are you sure that your mesh is perfectly 100, and is perfectly centered ? otherwise on rotation you will surely end up with “gaps”.
check in a 3d modelling software.
2 Try setting the rotation and checking it.
Look for minor values like 90,0012 .
even moving and rotating in unreal sometimes will give you smallest unwanted value,

The plane was just a plane from blender, scaled to 0.5 and then imported by unreal. I cant check the rotation, because it is an instanced mesh. putting them manually together works without gaps but rotating them in th instanced mesh produces those gaps.
I “fixed” it by setting the transform scale to 1.00001, thats no perfect solution but works for now.

So Im sure (even if it tells aprox. 100x100) that it indeed is 100x100.
I cant check induvidual rotations, but putting them manually together works. the spawn transform is definitly 90°.

Thank you for your reply,