Small Exported textures

Hi there,

I am trying to get larger texture sizes. I’ve tried messing with the UV unwrap but I feel I still don’t get decent results, I want to be able to get up to 16k or higher textures with better UV layout. Sometimes it can be very bad and cap out at 8k when exporting with all the UV’s on the bottom. I feel I am unable to even get a 2k resolution texture out of it.

Help would be appreciated.


Hi Eric Zimmer
Why do you need 16k+ textures ? Going over 16k is problematic for more reasons, mostly hardware limitation on GPU. Almost everyone is using low resolution textures ( 2-4k ) because they are lower-demanding on GPU / RAM and even for rendering it is easier and faster to have lower resolution textures.
Alternatively, look for EXPORT IN SINGLE TEXTURE on EXPORT of OBJ or FBX, and get up to 65k textures.

Is there a way to force the software to use more space of the UV tile?
If it only packs parts at the bottom you have to export at least 16 K just to get decent pixels out. I have been trying to
get it to use more space, but not with too much luck and if feels a bit random.

Hi Joachim Ringstad
Then use 8 or 4k texture size only… is there a specific need to have one 16k texture?

I would love to use 4k or 8k, but the way RC packs the UVs I would guess it only uses 15% of the actual UV space so 4k texture would mean 256 or something…