Small emissive actors flickering


I have many actors with an emissive material that I control via dmx in my scene. The issue is that they start to flicker from a short distance. Is there a way to reduce this effect ? It would be fine if it started further but now it is very close from the camera (see image)
Also, it is very hard to move them around and work with them as the editor goes very slow when i select a lot of them. There a lot of actors in this picture (7k) and i’m not sure if there is a better way of doing this as every single actor’s material has to be controlled independently.

Thanks !

Very tiny detail doesnt work super well with really any form of realtime rendering. My best guess, forward rendering MSAA or SSAA only in this area would likely help, atleast partially. That, or use shader tricks. Or just dont have them too far from the camera.

Hey, thanks for your answer. They aren’t really far at all; just a few meters, that’s why I got surprised by this effect… What do you mean by shader tricks ? I’m not sure where to start with this. Will try forward rendering this week:)