Small dev team looking for an artist with the same goals.

Hey fellow Devs,

My name is Casey and as the title suggests, I am in search of a fellow artist who would have interest in joining in and working on a project with myself and my Programmer teammate.

We are creating a top down fantasy RPG.
So far as some folks may have gathered I am the only artist so having additional talent to grow, partner, and develop with on the project would be ideal.

Mostly looking for some one with a versatile skill set prop, environmental, character modeling, rigging, skinning, and animation are all a huge plus.

Just to put this up front, this is a side project we are working on in our free time, it’s still early in it’s development, so we do not expect to quit our day jobs any time soon (although we would like to.)

Here are some example screens so far. Sorry the links, forums isn’t letting me post the images directly :stuck_out_tongue:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Our goals and mentality are to make something fun and great, something that we would spend all day thinking about just to get home and fire it up with some friends and have a memorable time.
We are not getting paid by anyone nor have we or do we expect to have anyone invest, this is quite simply a work of passion.

Myself specifically, am looking for a fellow artist who I can bounce new ideas off of inspire one another, learn new things, and should nothing come of it have great works for a portfolio.

We are working with the Unreal Engine 4 obviously and it’s a fantastic engine! (Thank you Epic Team!)
We have our own repository, and use Discord for communication and chat.
I myself am a west coaster and in the pacific time zone here in the US.

If this sounds appealing to you, and you have the same mentality, drive, and passion as we do please feel free to send me a message here on the forums or give a reply to this thread.