Small But Mighty - a blueprint/material editor feature request!

Ok now, what I am going to ask for is not as big a deal as the title may suggest, but I think this feature request is small and useful enough to have a chance at being implemented in the near feature :open_mouth:

This request is meant to boost the blueprint/material (and alike) editor workflow and is about connecting wires. To be exact, this is about dragging off wires of an outgoing pin of a node and dropping them off at ingoing pins at a different node. One frequently encounters the situation, where one wants to connect the same (outgoing) pin of a node to multiple different nodes, which are most likely all aligned visually horizontally or vertically close to each other. And with the current workflow, we would need to drag that outgoing pin off for every ingoing pin we would want to connect it to. This can become quite tedious (especcially when the blueprint/material editor graphs get large) as you have to move the screen back and forth every time you want to drag off from your outgoing pin again.

Which is why I want to suggest the following solution: Please introduce a button (for e.g. the SHIFT button) which can be pressed and held down before dragging off the wire of the desired outgoing pin, in order to allow us to release the left mouse key without losing the touch to the wire. In this mode, one could simply move the screen around and click on every ingoing pin, one would want to connect a wire to, orignating from the outgoing pin in quick succession.

How does that sound? :S

Personally, I have never really needed that workflow, because, if I re-need the same value elsewhere, that’s typically in some incremental iteration later.

I imagine another way of achieving what you want would be to be able to drag from wires, not just output pins. Doing so would create a junction, and then split the wire to the next place.

Hmm… maybe there’s already a way of doing that?

Separately: If your blueprint becomes so large that it’s unwieldy, then it’s probably time to collapse some groups of nodes into sub-functions!

Well, I think this depends on the size of the screen that is in use. I do modularize my code (and thus collapse nodes into functions) but this only shifts the issue from one function to another ^^" this might even make it worse
And I frequently run into this issue whenever I work with vectors and also with material nodes.