Small Asteroids remake for practice

I decided that the best way to understand UE4’s Blueprints would be to make a small game, and so I made a small re-make of the old arcade classic “Asteroids” in Unreal Engine 4 using just blueprints and some of the starter assets as well as a few of my own simple homemade assets. Not a huge project, but I’m not planning on taking it any further now, so I guess it qualifies as “Finished” :D.

Looks awesome! Maybe you should consider creating a main menu with play and quit buttons, just for the sake of real completeness. :smiley:

Looks cool, good job!

I’d all forgotten there was actually a menu as well in the old one. XD

I think I’ll just gonna leave it as it is now, but yeah if I had gone all out the menu would have been put in there. Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Hi Cruiser,

Asteroids is the reason I wanted to design Video Games at the age of 9.

You can only qualify it as complete, if it includes the *Hyperspace *button… LOL

Good Job!

Very nice!

You sure that wasn’t a remake as well. I remember playing a version of Asteroids where you could teleport and even have a shield as well, but I don’t believe the way old version of Asteroids had such fancy things :wink:

Glad you like it!

Very nice! Even for a simple game that looks great!

As a lover of the original Asteroids and Asteroids Delux, I find this totally awesome. I love the way the light from the lasters and explosions play off the asteroids. Would love to play!

I remember the original Asteroids having the hyperspace button - it was risky to use though!

This pretty awesome. Have you considered releasing / tutorialising it as so that other new users can learn from your own learning experience :)?

I’m glad you guys like it. :slight_smile:

I would love to release it or make some sort of example out of it, but I don’t really have the time to set that up and I’m not quite convinced that it’s the best example. It’s my first foray into Blueprint and that unfortunately also means there’s some less elegant solutions here and there (plugging the holes with duct tape) as I tried figuring my way through the workflow. I might do something for a future project, but for now this one will probably not really get shown off to anyone but people near me where I can explain some of the stupidity in the code. XD

I would love to know how you did the movement mechanics is there anything you can share on how you did that?

It’s been asked, but would you be willing to share your movement mechanics. I’ve been trying to figure out something similar for a couple days now and I can’t find anything to help. Everyone seems to be making FPS’s.