Small annoyance but please provide option for size and color for Camera display asset.


This may already be possible? But I couldn’t find any display options for it, the blue asset that represents the camera in the editor view is much too large and annoying to have it floating there most of the time when working. I know yo can hide it but that’s besides the point. Maybe for some crowded scenes this large icon will help identify the asset, but can we have a display option to turn it to wire frame, change color and control its size? The size option would be great to have.

Thank you.

Well you can replace that mesh with other , and set a wireframe material too if you want I think.

Thanks, but i can’'t seem to be able to do that, (unlike Mesh types), correction for the above i can change camera scale by simply scaling the icon (wasn’t working in a previous scene), still an out of the box option would be nice to have it as wireframe, no big deal though.