Small 3D Platformer (learning blueprints)

Update.2: Some artwork (see comments)



I wasn’t satisfied with my original idea whichdemotivated me to work on it.
To get motivated again I came up with something entirely new: New concept can be seen in the comments.

Original Post:

My name is Joran and I’m learning blueprints.
Whilst learning this I’m creating a small 3d puzzle platformer.
The basic concept is as follows:
You play as a little fire guy who has the basic power to shoot fire balls.
However, everytime he shoots a fire ball he loses health.


New Concept

As I grew bored of my initial idea, I didn’t really find the motivation to work on it.
To motivate myself again I decided to come up with something entirely new, and I’m way more thrilled to work on this.





I realise I have not worked on this project a lot yet, the last couple of weeks were really rough as I went through some personal stuff.
I feel though as if I’m getting better (a bit) so I decided to work on this again a little. I started with working on some UI elements & materials.
I realise that it’s not really blueprint related yet but at least it’s going somewhere. Baby steps you know.


I decided to for now name the game CUBOTS (BATTLE ROYALE) since it’s basically a robot deathmatch game.
I chose a blocky font for the title to represent the blocky feel of the game.


I also made a countdown screen that’s going to be displayed over the entire screen at the beginning of the game.
Only the text that is using it both as the emissive and the opacity map.

I also already made my main 4 materials.


Some of these materials are build up this way that they’re dynamic.
Using a blueprint I have yet to make I’m planning on randomizing their appearance by randomly using a pattern, darkness, … at the beginning of the game,
making every game look a little different.


Some of these may randomly even have an emissive part making them a light source within the arena.
Emissive parts almost always pulsate.