[SM5] Function: (Node PixelDepth) Invalid node used in hull/domain shader input!


im creating a Landscape Material right now and got an error while trying to prevent the tiling of the texture.

Like you can see in screenshot 3 it works well for most textures. Just displacement giving me an error while using the exactly same function.

Can you help me with this? Also added the displacement function just if its necessary.

Thanks and kind regards.

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Hey, did you ever figure out what was the problem? I am going through the same problem right now and I can not figure out what is the problem.

Displacement con’t use pixel node

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You can’t use the Camera Depth Fade on a displacement map. Basically this just means that the far landscape and the near landscape texture will use the same value which is fine because you don’t really want tessellation on distance landscape anyway. Displacement is supposed to be granular - a detail you only see when close to your object. Just unplug the camera depth fade node from your displacement and the error will go away.

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thank you very much!!