SM4 Vulkan Support in June, SM5 Vulkan Support in July, thanks Epic!

Just saw this on the roadmap!




Thanks very much Epic for making this a high priority!

It does not even need to come close to DX12 performance for now, but if it’s comparable with DX11 then no one would need to use DX11 any more and all UE4 projects could switch to Vulkan! That’s so awesome!

I can’t wait for testing it :o

Indeed awesome! :smiley: Thanks! :cool:

I think you’re being a little over-optimistic about Vulkan’s adoption rate…

Not to mention anyone targeting console won’t be using it. DX11 isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

Well, on playstation you are not using DX11. On XBox nothing with change with Vulkan, that’s right.

And if Vulkan is indeed at least same fast as DX11 and supports all features then I see no reason why the adoption rate should not be very fast for PC games. Vulkan also runs on Linux, it can look same on Linux like on Windows, so it’s very easy to create a version for SteamOS without any missing features :slight_smile:

And if Vulkan get’s near DX12 performance then you get all the draw call benefits etc on Windows 7 machines, which is a huge advantage since a lot of people still use Windows 7.

Looking at how I’m not planning to upgrade to Win10, Vulkan support would be a great thing.

Same here! :cool:

And me! No horrible spying tool Windows 10. Seeing how fast Linux graphics drivers have been improving, Linux + Vulkan is what all devs should now use.


Windows 10 number of users is growing. Number of Linux gamers is not. Confining yourself to Linux is a business suicide.

Lie, big lie and stats.

It’s hard to count Linux users, but corporations know very well what’s happening.

More and more software is ported to Linux, even graphics drivers for Linux started to be treated seriously.

Before, most people taking part in Open Source meetings used OS X mostly because of its similarity to Linux environment and stability, now - it’s Linux.

Even Windows 10 has got some parts of Linux. Do you think that MS would even consider to add them to their “perfect” child if Linux meant nothing? No, thanks to their spying tools they know that Linux is becoming stronger and stronger. It’s not "cancer’ anymore (Ballmer).

But leaving alone fanboyism, having a strong alternative is always advantageous for all of us. Without Vulkan, you wouldn’t get DirectX12. MS made a decision to create DirectX12 when they noticed The Khronos Group started to work over Mantle. Going further, it would be a very wise decision of Epic to improve UE4 experience on Linux. Ubuntu is enough. Unity Team created the Linux version and it works like a dream.

I think it’s a question of time when developers start to use Vulkan instead of DirectX because it’s more beneficial (cross-platform, open and Linux kernel is just better than NT one). Of course, there will be ones paid by MS. However, seeing the games that have been recently released by MS, UWP and in general their policy, I’m sure independent and serious developers will choose Vulkan plus many of them - Linux.

No wonder even M$ is making porting NET applications to Linux/Mac easier. Everything has to start somewhere. Source

I am just glad there are more options now. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in Vulkan on Linux please vote here.