Slowmo effect on player that activated it only

Just a quick question on the time dilation effect that the engine has, before i go messing with things, would this effect ONLY happen for the player that activated it, say via a keypress, and would this also work in a co-op game, or do things change dramatically when MP is introduced into things?

Any advice / help would be great



As far as I know the time dilation setting affects only(!) the object you change it for. So if you are setting it on the player character it only affects that one.
I am not 100% sure though if its replicated automatically. If not, you can still do the replication yourself with setting the time dilation on the server and calling a multicast event to set it on all clients too.


Hi , pretty much what i thought then, for the moment i’ve been playing with global time dilation, so tomorrow i’ll look in to setting it on just the character that activates it. Many thanks


The global time dilation works across the entire game, not just for 1 player. Slowing time for a single object does not work. Because then just they would be moving really slowly and everything else would be moving really fast.

This statement would seem to indicate what says isn’t accurate? the idea behind what i want to do is to have a character activate slowmo, and have it effect the enemy that is attacking him, as well as himself, are you saying this is NOT possible?

It would affect everything in the game, not just the character and enemy movement. If you just want to slow the player movement you would have to slow their move speed and turn rate.

It depends on what you want to do.
I.e. in my case i got a spell that freezes an enemy and slowing him down for a given time period. What it does is to set his time dilation to 0.5, and setting it back to 1.0 after i.e. 10 seconds.
This way all movements/turns/animations/whatever for that enemy are slowed down by 50%. This works without any problem so far.

If the desired target is to have a player doing slow motion (like in max payne for example) in a multiplayer game, well, i dont have any idea how that could work.


Yeah in single player it can work fine, you could slow time for everybody or everything except the player, but in multiplayer if you just slow the player and a single enemy then everybody else is still at normal speed. You need to slow down everything except for the player I assume.

OK i think i got the idea now, many thanks for the explanations & help, going to look at changing the way the mechanics work later today, hopefully i’ll have something to demo which is kinda unique :smiley: thank you again for the help :slight_smile: