Slowly destroy destructible

Im trying to destroy this destructible pot.
when my player punches it.
Ive tried different settings like i set the limit. 1st box to 500 billion! And the damage amount to 0.00001
But it still breaks apart at the 1st hit.
I want to destroy walls like this later.
Any one know how to set it up?

Add a variable that holds the item health, and only call the destruction up once the health is depleted.

Ok I’ll try that. So i have to make a blueprint for it?
will it break a little at each hit?

I have sphere collisions on my players hands btw

I doubt it would break a little on each hit unless you scripted it that way.
You can, mind you. It just would depend on how you create the destruction. My guess is you’d have to destroy parts of it in separate waves. and then somehow randomize which one is played to keep it random.

When chaos is fully out I’ll need to actually do this myself…

I think your right. Might have to wait for chaos to come out to be able to do this