Slowing the bounce or movement of objects that hit said object

I’m looking to use a volume or physics material that would slow the object hitting it on impact.

Like a ball bouncing on a hard surface verses bouncing on a soft surface.

While one can overall decrease its restitution. I haven’t seen in an obvious way to make the physics material of a floor per say make a ball bounce different. As if like to make areas where the ball would essentially bounce 1/4 it’s normal on impact.

I suppose I could use an on hit and cast back to the actor to change its velocity but hoping there’s an easier way.

I solved what I’m looking for.

I ended up instead of using collision on overlap, I call a function to set the velocity of the ball to its current velocity divided…

However for my use its in a moving object that I want to stop and push the object, since this is done over network some other interesting issues are coming with frame rate disturbing the ticks.

after its zeroed out I am applying the forward velocity of the volume to the ball. However with frame rate drops the ball sinks into the volume. I can probably just add a sublayer of collision to the overlap volume but at high speeds it may effectively hit the collision before stopping the ball letting it bounce. Hmmmm

Hey, take a look at the projectile movement component, it has settings for bouncing actor to affect the velocity and should ease things for you:

About the projectile sinking the volume:
When the object get inside the volume, did you check if your function is actually called? How do you trigger the Stop event? Maybe it’s better for you to show us how you are doing this in BP’s

Here is a working example. however the stop with ticks is causing an issue at low FPS - OBS lags the editor enough to cause the object to have enough delay in frames to sink into the shield (even a physics collision shield under it) to hit the hitbox causing the death.

// Function on Ball that is received from the shield.

// Shield function called on tick when shield is enabled.

// Tick on Player.


  1. The shield are two separate collision volumes, the outside one is the shield sphere which is toggled on by key being held. generating the overlaps.
  2. The inner shield is also toggled on at the same time to toggle collision events should it be moving at a high rate of speed and sinks enough in before the speed is zero’d.

Debating another approach to not nullify the speed but bring it down to change it to the players forward velocity divided greatly so it’s still moving, I’m wondering if I’m getting the effect of walking into unmoving object allowing it to pass the collision.