Slowing mouse during animation

Hello gurus

This is my first time posting. Having a great time learning UE4!

My question is this:
I have a first person game where you can swing a sword. I would like to slow the mouse movement down during the sword swing animation (so that the player can’t just swing then do a spastic spin of the mouse and do a 720 helicopter kickflip spin).
Should I have a flag that I set at animation start / end and then check that flag when I read mouse input?
The animation can be suddenly stopped under some circumstances, so the mouse would sensitivity would have to revert to normal at that time. So ideally I’d like a system which ensures that whenever I am in an animation, the mouse sensitivity is dulled, and that won’t bug out if the animation stops suddenly.

Much appreciated!

Hi LukasMKS,

if you click in your animation blueprint on an animation state in your anim graph you will notice in the details panel multiple animation events (Entered/Left/Fully Blended State Event). If you rename the field ‘Custom Blueprint Event’ you will be able to add in your event graph of your animation blueprint these custom animation notifies. Then you can use them to change your mouse input.


The advantage of this approuch is, that you don’t need to author every attack animation on its own and add animation notifies to every single animation.

Thanks! works now :slight_smile:

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Thanks again