Slowing down weapon movement when the rotation is fast

I’m creating a simple FPS and I want to set some offset to the rate at which weapon follows camera so that it doesn’t always follow mouse movements to the pixel. To put it simply, I want the weapon to take a while before it centers if the user makes a sharp move with the mouse and similarly center faster/immediately when the move is minimal. How do I go about creating this as I’m kind of clueless?

You could do this by enabling camera rotation lag in the spring arm component of your character

Thank you, it looks exactly like what I’m looking for. How do I properly set up the Add SpringArmComponent component in the blueprint view to make it work?

OK, nevermind, I found it :slight_smile: The problem is, it doesn’t really look like it’s supposed to. Yes, it takes the camera a moment to become steady but the movement is… weird. It doesn’t look like it’s having a lag, it takes some weird route so that it looks like the character is making a step even when all we’re doing is rotating the camera fast… How may I overcome this? I tried different camera lag values but to no avail.

“Nevermind” again, parenting the spring arm to character hands rather than the camera did exactly what I wanted, thanks once again :smiley:

Sorry for not reading your questions in time but you’ve figure it out anyway so great stuff! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: