Slowe alignment, reconstruction, texture, 1 fast pc 1 slowe PC same specs ?

Hi Al, I have 2 same computers and configurations. I have rc default on both computers. 1 pc is finished with alignment with the same set of pictures within 1 minute.

The other PC will do so for a minimum of 5 minutes.
all settings are the same, same video card memory etc

I7, 32Gb Mem GTX 780 TI, SSD etc

How can I find out why this computer slowly processes these pictures.
Sincerely, Arthur

Hi Arthur,

did you run these tests repeatedly? In rare cases RC gets stuck somewhere and things might take a lot longer than usually. In most cases, it works fine after a restart.

Are you absolutely certain the settings are the same? In my opinion, this is only possible by cloning one HD when everything is set up. Otherwise, it is too easy to miss something. Did you run a system check and/or benchmark on both?

If it happens consistently, finding the source would be really helpful for optimizing performance…

Good morning Götz Echtenacher,
Thank you very much for the quick response.
I’ve been using RC for quite some time, for Rc I used *****.
What benchmark do you recommend?

I now also let ***** rotate again, and it also looks slow on the PC that does not work properly.
To clone the HD is too much work for now, even though this is exactly the same configuration.

I sometimes use 2 computers because I can do 300 full body scans with my mobile 3D scanner on location in 1 day.

I’ve been looking for a script for the Professional RC in the past, do you know if a script is already ready for a Rig?
I use a double recording 1 clean shot and 1 with projection.
If you can help me with a script and workflow, I’m willing to purchase the € 7500, - license, now it’s a lot of hard work.

Just do the benchmark first to see if I can find a difference between the computers

Kind regards,

Hi Arthur,

just any old game benchmark should do. But if you say PS also takes longer, that indicates there is something not the way it is supposed to be with the slower PC. Maybe you can pin it down somehow. Alignment relies on CPU mostly, so it should be there or RAM - don’t think that the SSD would influence the time by so much.

Sorry, can’t help you with the scripting. I only know about RIGs from reading in the forum, no own experience.

Might download the free version of SiSoft Sandra.  Pretty good synthetic benchmark suite with a lot of breakdown on system usage.  Might help pin down a problem area and see a difference between the two rigs. 

Maybe also check bios settings.  Maybe the slow rig isn’t hitting boost frequencies on the processor? 

Are you sure the settings in RC are identical?  Maybe do a <Shift> launch RC on both rigs and reset both for testing. 

Last resort… threaten to fire the slow rig for laziness.

Good afternoon gentlemen, due to the delay in processing this prompt response.
But the beautiful thing is that it works again, as far as I can figure out, the memory was not working well.
I have done some updates etc and he is running right now like the other computer.
Thank you for your help and we continue with this beautiful piece of software.

and if there is a script for CLI version scanbooth dual projection then I can buy the pro version.
Have a nice weekend from the Netherlands

Thanks for the heads-up and glad it worked out!

Nice weekend to you too…