Slow Time but not character

hi guys first time post here and could be a noob question as im only just starting out in unreal, so ive got a robot character who shoots lasers from his hands, just a simple projectile now I want to set up an effect that basically slows time yet keeps the character and abilities at the normal time dilation, so far im able to slow time and keep my character at the normal time dilation but the projectile is in slow mo and I cant seem to figure out a way to keep that synced up with the character at the normal time. I hope that made sense, first image is my projectile setup and the second is time dilation

Hi Matty!

Try with “Custom Time Dilatation” instead of “Global Time Dilatation”. With “Custom Time Dilatation” you only slow down the actor(s) you want…it’s really easy.

Obviously, if you want to keep those nodes, you can try with “Cast To the-actor-you-want-to-slow-down” + “SET Custom Time Dilatation”.

If you want more, we have this plugin:…ime-management

EDIT: Anyway, you can keep your BPs and increase the bullet speed when you slow down the game like you do with your character but I think it isn’t the best performance solution with many spawned actors.

thanks for the response, the problem is with that the time dilation happens in the level blueprint and it wont let me cast to the projectile actor in the level blueprint, should I do the time dilation in the character blueprint and cast to projectile from there?

You have different choices but my advise is not to use these things in the level BP…for different reasons.
Yes, you can use a “Cast To” node from Character BP to the Projectile BP and SET a Custom Time Dilatation for the latter.

If you have many actors to slow down/speed up, a good way is to make two Functions inside your Character BP with every single actor to which you want to change the speed.
When you Press 3 and FlipFlop is A, then you call the Function A which increases/decreases the speed of the actors.
When you Press 3 and FlipFlop is B, then you call the Function B which resets the speed of the actors.

If you don’t have thousands of actors, this system is easy to make and without frame drops.

sorry im struggling with this and its probably so simple, I cannot cast to projectile for some reason in my character blueprint