Slow rotation value doesn't work

Hi, I need to get a piece of geometry to rotate really slow - I can get it to rotate at .5 of a degree per second using the method in the image attached anytime I put a value lower than that it stops working, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


You will always encounter problems when you add small float values to bigger one. Look up floating point precision for specific infos.
Delta seconds is small. Multiplying with 0.1 makes it even smaller. When you add to the current actor location (range -180 to 180) you add a small value to a relatively higher one.

A possible solution: Calculate the degree in dependence of the game time. Note that the game time might grow large (you could modulo it by your period) and then use “Set Actor Rotation” instead of “Add Actor Rotation”.


you should always avoid using tick as much as possible. (from personal experience & what is considered best practices)

usually using a timeline or a timer is probably the best & easiest way to do this and avoids all those ugly event ticks & bloated BPs.

ps: always check the final product after doing a shipping build for all timing events, although you would think timers & even event tick would be tied to a game timer of some kind and standardized, they are not.
they are tied to the individual’s machine’s performance, which can cause some erratic results under certain conditions.

Thanks a lot for the responses, Ayretek’s solution seems to be the best solution in this case, works like a charm. Showing my noobness here but didn’t even know there was a timeline available in UE4 :wink: