Slow rotation problem


I am having a problem with rotating an slowly.

This is my basic setup:

The problem is that the can not rotate slowly and fluently at the same … If you go below the GameSpeed valu that you can see on the screenshot it will basically “freeze”. At this particular speed it rotates with clearly visible ‘lag’.

I did test out the set location, and it seems to handle slow movement normally.

How can I overcome this kind of issue? How do I implement a really slow rotation?

I did also start a thread on the forums: [link][2]

I have ■■■■■■ several ways of rotationg an , and always if the rotation is to be really slow the movement is not fluent or it stops.

What’s more here’s what happens if the same code is rotating more than one blueprint:

  1. rotating at the speed that engine can handle:

the pieces stay together due to the same rotation speed

  1. rotating slower than the borderline value:

every next piece is going slower and slower making the gaps bigger and bigger

Use “finterp to”, works well for me.

Or use a timeline.

Hi, but how slow can you go with your rotations? Can you go lower than 0.5 deg/sec? I did try both timelines and RInterpTo but once I go really slow the precision goes nuts.

My problem is that I am rotating a very large and I want to achieve a low linear speed on it’s perimeter. This requires a very slow rotation which seems to be impossible as the low values for rotation get ignored (zeroed per frame) quite fast. I can use the Set Actor Location at any rate I want, and it does animate fluently no matter how slow it goes. The rotation however simply goes nuts.