Slow rotation problem


I am having a bended track segment that is rotating around a pivot point of a circle with diameter of 1km. The basic setup is not a problem, everything works fine as long as I don’t want to rotate the segment with a slow tempo.

No matter if I use Delta Time or do it directly with a Tick if the calculated rotation speed goes below 0.5 degree a second the movement is not fluent, it stutters. I am not 100% sure that 0.5 degree/second is the borderline, but it is something around this value.

The thing is so sensitive that when using the Tick if I add ‘0.012’ to Yaw with every tick the mesh rotates at stable speed, but if I lower the value to ‘0.011’ it basically stops.

Does anyone have any idea what can be the reason (maybe I am doing sth wrong?) and how can it be fixed? Maybe some other approach would help… I would do need to achieve some slow rotation rate and keep the proportions of the object.

The answerhub link: Slow rotation problem - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums