Slow motion for UI animation and Sequencer

This is a translated question from a licensee.

I used Set Global Time Dilation to 0.1 to make an effect for slow motion. I verified it worked for effects and character’s animations but it didn’t work for UI animation made by blueprint and level sequence for cut scene.

Do Widget blueprint and level sequence not affected by “Set Global Time Dilation”? Is there any way to do this?



For level sequences, you should use the Play Rate track to adjust playback speed. There isn’t currently a global playback speed multiplier for UI animations, but you can adjust an individual animation’s speed by calling SetPlaybackSpeed on the animation. You could sync this up by using an Event Track to pass the current time dilation to the Level blueprint, then call SetPlaybackSpeed on the relevant UMG animations. Alternatively, your widget could set the playback speed to match the time dilation on tick.