Slow Map load times

The asset in question is the showcase map with the new ‘kite’ demo asset. Although, its not specific to that map.
I’m running on what I would consider to be a fairly high end PC


GTX 750ti
8gb Ram
512g Samsung Pro SSD
z99 chipset

Yet the map load times are incredibly high. It took 30+ minutes for the Showcase Map to load on the Kite asset reel.

Are there any solutions to this? I’ve allocated more vitual memory and I understand I need more ram. But surely, it should take that long

Sorry man, I don’t think so.

This demo has all 8K textures (8192*8192) for each texture, and a full normal and diffuse of this resolution. Also the map is VERY large and made for a $1000 graphics card (titan X).

The problem is probably more in your v-ram not cpu ram.

Yeah I get that. Thanks. Just ordered my Titan. Didn’t think V-ram would effect load times.

Can’t wait for it to arrive.