Slow Mac, Fast PC any advantage to remote build for IOS?

So I have a slow Mac. I can build entirely on the Mac (for iOS) but it takes awhile. I do have a fast PC though. Is there any speed advantage to setting up the PC to remote build the iOS stuff on the Mac compared to just building everything on the Mac? That is, will the fast PC do some of the work such as cooking while the Mac does the iOS specific stuff, or will the whole project still end up building on the Mac at more or less the same speed?

I’d stick with the mac man. I am thinking of getting a cheap mac for building purposes only. I am using a mac in the cloud I rent to remote build the package and it’s trouble shooting hell to get the iOS package out of the engine at all. Not to mention getting it onto the phone once you eventually get a package out. Is getting all the certificates, keys, provisions pretty straight forward from a mac computer?

Building for iOS on the PC can be significantly faster than on the Mac in my experience. However there are more things to setup to ensure that the remote build works properly. Its a big pain. If you can get it to build in a decent amount of time on your mac, i’d stick to that.

Run Unreal on your fast PC and set up MacOS/Xcode in a VMware Workstation virtual machine on the same PC. There are plenty of guides how to do this. Point the remote build at this VM and enjoy fast iteration times.

I’ve tried the hackintosh route so many times, I’d really like to give the VM option a go. Do you have a link to a guide you think is good?

It’s been a while since I set this up. A quick search gave me this…
…which I seem to remember is what got me started. I ended up able to use the latest VMware Workstation and upgrading MacOS within the VM worked.

It does all work with a little perseverance and it performs superbly with Unreal. I have an 8-core Intel with 32MB ram. Knowing it CAN work is half the battle! :slight_smile:

**** son that’s some tight memory.

I’ll give it a go, cheers!

It does seem to hit the swapfile a bit often, maybe I should upgrade. :wink:

Here’s my VM settings for MacOS if it helps a little.

I am actually in the middle of setting up the same environment suggested by @IslandPlaya where I have a virtual machine running macOS in VMWare and configure remote building from the host (Windows) to the guest (macOS). It should be pretty straight forward, I can get back here with more information and a step by step guide once I am finished with it. Generally speaking the quickest and cheapest option would be the one mentioned above, but if you don’t like the overhead of it, you can always purchase a cheap Mac and use that as a build machine, I suppose it will have ~ the same performance, depending on your current machine you are using.

Have any of you going the virtual machine route had issues with not being able to increase the video memory beyond 256MB (which means you can’t launch the editor)? I’ve tried setting up things with a command line build of UE4 and building my iOS game from the command line, but I run into issues with marketplace plugins that would probably be solved if I could set things up in the editor. I would love too set up a CI system on a virtual machine, but I can’t seem to make it work.

I had some issues with marketplace plugins as well, I had to move the plugins into the game from the engine in order for them to compile and package properly to my iPhone. I’m using a super cheap MacBook Air from like 2013 as my remote build Mac, it works totally fine for me but I could imagine that compile times could get very slow if my game was bigger I only have about 60 cpps I need to compile right now.