Slow importing and processing in UE

Hi im pretty new to UE, so maybe i am doing something really wrong:

When i import textures or delete Groups of meshes with materials applied to them, UE is taking way too much time to process. I am talking about simple meshes and textures (4k .hdrs). When i imported the new Megascan stuff, i had to wait like 10 minutes (after downloading of course).

My specs:

2x Xeon E5-2637 v4 @3,50 Ghz
256 GB RAM
some RTX 2080 Ti’s

My system and the content browser is running on a Crucial MX100 512GB.

Any ideas? Its really hard to work that way.

What do you mean by Megascan stuff? Like the whole megascan library or a simple asset using Quixel bridge?

I downloaded and imported the Meadow Pack. The importing took 8 minutes. Is it normal?
It says “Reimported”, why?


High resolution textures will take some time

For meshes, you can increase import speed by turning off generating collision and generating Lightmap UV’s.

Okay, but where? I dont see any of these options when importing the Bundle from the marketplace.

Stuff from the marketplace is already processed, if you’re using something raw (like a texture file or FBX) then it has to be imported and converted.
If you’re importing something from the marketplace it’s already imported and all you’re doing is loading the files.