Slow effect on spell

i’m totaly new on UE4 and i like to try some things to learn.
Here is my problem…
i’m building a spell that is slowing the target for a certain amount of time and deal some damages.
For the damages i use an “Apply point damage” event that deal X damages to the actor hit and destroy the projectile.
It works!
But i want this spell to slow the target (X %,Y sec), i know that i can apply the slow in the hit character BP but that mean i would have to do it for each spell in each enemy Bp !
isn’t there a better way to do it ( like just do it one time in the spell Bp without enumerating each enemy)
Thx for your help ( sorry for my English T_T)

I think you need to do a check on wich actors you hit with that spell. And then set the movement variable during a certain time and then set it back to default.
maybe a multicylindertrace?

Hi, what you are looking for are Blueprint Interfaces. It lets you easily trigger events without having to make a specific cast.
Make an OnBeginOverlap/Hit/ProjectileStop-Event and get the hit actor, check if both have the required interface, if so, you can make call the InterfaceEvent.

Check out the video, it’s not a too complex topic.