Slow download/install all of a sudden?

Hi there! When I download something from the marketplace it takes forever to add to a project or install a plugin. Between 100kb/s and 0.0B/s. I have a fast SSD, a fast computer and a fast internet connection. It used to go super fast but not anymore. Does anyone else experience this problem? Is there something I can do? Thanks in advance, Tommy

A few years ago I had a similar issue. I can’t install Unreal Engine because the download speed is very slow or 0. Because i can’t solve the problem I removed my Avast AV, nothing happen. I reinstalled my computer nothing happen. I reinstalled my computer again with another AV, and everything is fine. For some reason I installed Avast AV again, and the problem is came back. So I removed the Avast again, and the problem is still remained. So I think if you install Avast it make some permanent changes in your OS.

The UE4 Launcher is frequently slow or just slows / stops, and there’s little to no info why. :mad:
Avast-Avg is borderline spyware / malware anyway, check out articles about the lawsuits.:wink: