Slow Down

can I have UE4 fix to be played on older computers? or even like a 32 bit machine and graphics card. everything is made for the high end of stuff and I would like to make it for the other players to use.

can this be done and how?

Which issues are you running into, specifically?

When creating a project, you have the option of optimization for more intensive computers / rigs, or making it scalable. You can also adjust individual quality settings such as draw distance, AA quality, post quality, etc… from the Settings Menu.

UE4 runs on high end equipment, as well as phones, so it should be able to run on most platforms inbetween :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running 4.6 right now, still learning what all 4.6 has in it.
so if I make it scalable, what does that really mean? and would it be wise to do?

Games are really as complex as you make them. If you only use static lights, basic materials etc. you shouldn’t really have problems.

hmm ok ty for that info I will keep that in mind then