Slow down world but not player

Per-actor time dilation is multiplied with the result of global time dilation. So if you set global time dilation to X and want to keep player playing at normal speed, set the player’s custom time dilation to 1/X.

So in your case, instead of setting player’s time dilation to 1, set it to 1/(global time dilation).

I want to be able to slow the world down but have the player move at normal speed.

This is what I have so far and it does what I want but when it mouse click again to bring time back to normal the player is super fast and I’m not how to change him back to normal

Perfect that worked.

Here’s what I’ve got for people who may want it in the future

sgtfluffy, did you upload the right picture for this? The launch seems nothing like what you were talking about.

Looks like I didn’t! Here’s the nodes I used

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This plugin may help you Advanced Time Management in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

I don’t understand how this whole system works…