slow down WASP speed on Play/Launch

This is probably too simple and I’m just not getting it yet, But I wanted to know if there’s a way to slow down unreal’s default view movements when launching/pressing play. Right now I don’t have any characters or anything like that in the game. I just press play to preview blueprints/meshes and would like to slow down the motion… Thanks for any help

Hi I think you have to provide more information. Do you want to use Blueprint or C++?

If you click on ‘Play’ a Pawn is spawned for the player. You can see the default Pawn class in 'Edit → Project Settings → Maps & Modes on the Section Default Modes → Selected GameMode.

Now if you know what Pawn you’re currently using it depends if you want to use C++ (make a subclass and adapt the Speed on the MovementComponent) or Blueprint (get the Player Pawn’s Movement Component somehow (not so much knowledge there) and change it’s speed parameters).

Maybe this already helps you.

Check in ‘Edit → Project Settings → input’

There’s a scale value of 1.0 for forwards and -1.0 for backwards, try modifying these and see how you go.

Click set as defaults

There’s a cracking fps tutorial here too that has a section about input binding:

link text

Got it working using this link.

Open Class Viewer Window

Add Default Pawn Actor to my scene(it’s inside Pawn)

Adjust Max Speed under Floating Pawn Movement.

Go down in DefaultPawn properties and Create Blueprint from Default Pawn, named CustomPawn

Compile and Save Blueprint.

Edit > Project Settings > (GAME) Maps & Modes

Under Default Modes, create a new game mode named CustomGameMode

Under Selected Mode > Set Default Pawn Class to my CustomPawn.

If you are using the “Blueprint First Person” template, then you can just Right-Click>MyCharacter, inside of the Blueprints folder and Click>Edit Defaults. Under Character Movement is Max Walk Speed.