'Slow down' for each loop

Have a fairly complex Construction script that instances thousands of static meshes at once that should be totally random but sometimes ‘twins’ happen. ie 2 of the same static messh are instanced side by side.

I thought if I could somehow slow down the instancing process It would help greatly in debugging.

Is there some way to insert a delay in a For Each loop?

I don’t think construction script can have that real-time update effect u r referring, but tagging along to see if there’s any possibility to this tho.

Closest thing I would imagine is having a parameter that user just drag and increase 1 by 1 so the user can see it (but the whole thing probably would get recalculate everytime u change it).

Another way would be having it in EventBeginPlay instead of construction script, and just simply adding a delay node at the end of each loop. You should be able to see the “slowly instancing” result when u hit the play button.