SLOT I/OS Visual Folder/Slots (SaveGame) Management System

[size=6]Visual Slot Management System
[size=4](An Advanced [/size]
[/size][size=6][size=4]SaveGame Folder/Slots Operation System)

Developed with UE4-Powered Applications in mind, SLOT I/O builds on top of UE4’s SaveGame Blueprint Class providing enhanced File I/O functionality to manage Folders, Formats, Slotfiles in-App at run-time. Use SLOT I/OS Hierarchical Format System (inspired by JSON) to build powerful data structures to store any type of data, supporting Scalar, Array, User Define Structs, and Objects. Load/Save Folders, Formats, Slotfiles locally and share via UE4’s Network Replication.


*=center]Save/Load/Vie/Manage Folders, Formats, Slotfiles
*=center]100% Blueprints-based
*=center]Point & Click Navigation
*=center]Path Bar for Manual Navigation
=center]Create Unlimited Folders, Formats, Slotfiles
*=center]Create Formats, assign Icons for distinction
*=center]Use Multiple Formats in a single Application
*=center]UMG-powered GUI Frontend/Backend
*=center]Blueprints Backend featuring EZ Nodes to
Load/Save/Get/Set Slotfile Data
*=center]AutoSave Mechanism
*=center]Folder/Slotfile Permissions
*=center]Slot IO Control Panel & Settings