Slot Based Inventory

I’m trying to make a survival/rpg kind of game and I need an inventory system exactly like minecrafts (Inventory, Equipment slots, and a Hotbar, Item pickups) I haven’t found anything online for this and what I have found either doesn’t work or is not exactly what I need for my game. I’d like to get in contact with someone who has a lot of experience with blueprints. I really need some help. I have no idea where to start with this cause I am fairly new to the unreal engine. You can contact me on skype or discord

Skype: TerraTrueforest
Discord: Terra Trueforest#1065

Hi, Crazycashcap

I tried following this and it didn’t work. Item pickups wouldnt do anything and I made sure that everything was in order

I did something similar for my game, gotta admit it gets complicated. I will tell you what I did and get some ideas for yourself.

  1. Made a “Base item” actor to hold item information. Later on I made some more base items for tools, weapons, food etc (since they will have different information/actions).
  2. I made an enum with these names: “Inventory”, “Hotbar”, “Equipment”, “Remote Inventory”, that helped me put each item to the correct array.
  3. Made 3 arrays, Hotbar, Inventory, Equipment with RepNotify to update all icons and such.
  4. Made a small “Slot”, a UI box to hold my item icon and information. In it, I have a “Item Reference” variable with RepNotify, so each item the item changes, it updates the icon, amount of item etc.
  5. Then to transfer items, I made a structure with location data, the actor that owns the item, the location(from the enum with Inventory, Hotbar, Equipment), and a “Slot ID”. I send that to the server and ask to transfer the item.

Maybe are a lot more going on but these are some basics that I did, and I keep improving things, I am still in the beginning myself, making a survival game. Good luck, hope I give you a few ideas.