Slot/Array Based Inventory System [Multiplayer]

Hi People !

After a couple of attempts at a Slot/Array based inventory we managed to get kind of close to the result up until “Item Stacking With A Limit” and “Shared Chests To Loot/Store In Together at the same time”.

What is the best way to approach a system like this ?

  • We tried to create Object classes with all the structure data in them.
  • We tried to do it trough a “Item Widget”
  • We attempted at creating an array based system.
  • We have also checked the Unreal marketplace but every inventory lacks atleast something that we need.

We are looking for a Rust/Raft(Game) like inventory.

Any guidance would be very helpfull !

Thanks in advance,

Hey Aedion, so I don’t know about shared chests. However I just put in a stacking w/ limit system in my game. Basically I followed this tutorial series: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Inventory System - Part 1 - Setting Up - YouTube

With it I’m able to put stuff in a chest or my player inventory and it has a limit on stack size. Items can be moved from a chest to inventory also.

Essentially what he does is creates a “backpack” (player inventory). Then an inventory array with a feature that checks to see if the stack is at max or not, if so then it breaks the stack once the previous stack is full and creates a new stack if a slot is available. Each item has its own maximum stack size as long as it’s set to be stackable.

This should give you kind of a minecraft-like inventory. Probably not exactly what you’re needing, but it might give you some ideas if nothing else.
Wish I could be of more help, but I’m still a bit new at this.