Slope jump?

How would a character slide off a ramp/slope like a vehicle would.
I set the ground friction to 0 for my character which gives me an ice like effect. Even though I slide off an edge of
a ramp, I do not get any vertical velocity?


Also step height seems to give the character a unnecessary bump before walking off slopes or edges and is better off at 0.

A simple analogy would be fine.
Help appreciated!

I am still unable to solve the problem. Vertical velocity seems to be at 0 even if I move up or down a slope. Jumping only affects vertical velocity for some reason?

Hi Glboom,

The reason that you are sticking to the surface is because the Character class doesn’t use actual physics; it’s faked. The Vehicle class works like you would expect because it is physics based.

So to accomplish this, you would need to either use a physics based class (like the Vehicle class) and fake it into a character like setup.

Or take the Character class and add a ‘launch’ functionality to it. Here is a forum post where a user did just that.



Thanks! The launch is what I needed!