I just tried out the Unreal Engine 4.

I’ve been using Unreal ED forever (since UT99) but since 2009 I’m a Happy Mac user and later switched to Unity for game development.

When i heard that the new UE was out for mac i just had to try it but I think i’ll wait for a few months now and stick with unity.

The whole thing is just too slow. I understand you are deploying the latest tech here but come on… even the launcher just used 10 GB of memory and when i opened a sample project, my iMac got as loud as never before and even the white default cubes rendered at around 10 fps in the editor viewport. (and my iMac has a 680MX). doing some basic stuff, it was using 800% CPU, the imac sounded as if it was about to lift off and it was swapping memory (and i think 24 GB are not too shabby).

I tried the tappy chicken example and even this simple game was running extremely slow (even after compiling and running directly it showed tearing and inconsistent FPS).

The whole editor is so slow that clicking and dragging stuff is a pain. It’s just these couple of MS delay that drive you crazy. Sometimes the mouse cursor disappears. things flicker and often, the editor just crashes without any trace.

I love Unreal and would wish to come back but for now i’ll have to make myself a Unity script for the Unreal-specific camera movement in the editor :slight_smile:

What’s going on here, though? I mean… my mac isn’t the fastest, but it should be able to render the basic interface and a white cube without lagging on a 3.4 GHz i7, 4 2GB kepler card with 1536 shaders and 24 GB of memory…


Take a look at some threads about that topic. Probably some solutions will work for you :slight_smile: https://answers.unrealengine/search.html?q=iMac&type=question&lang=en&sort=relevance