SloMo with sound, anyone?

I was trying to figure out a way to do real slomo effect. I’m using Set Global Time Dialation but it doesn’t slo down the sounds. Any suggestions?
I can’t find the Pitch in the play at location node as a solution. It’s not very practical if you have 100s of sounds coming from all sorts of resources. Any other way to actually slow down all the sounds in level?

thank you but no not a solution (You can see my comment there)

I see it, but when using global dilation, works that not for all stuff?

Nope, it slows down the visuals but the sound remains the same

What I did was, that I created a SoundMix that affects Sounds in the SFX sound class. (Of course you need to properly setup your sound cues, but you’ll want to do that anyways)
That sound mix then adjusts the pitch. Probably not the perfect solution and I only did a quick and dirty implementation.
You only have to make sure that sounds are assigned to the right sound class.

When calling the slomo function I also apply the sound mix modifier and remove it when the slomo stops.

Also see How to slow down audio files? - Super User and search if you are brave enought :P… maybe you can provide 2 set of audio sounds and use an external program if not possible to run/implement in real time

I usually spend 2-3 days searching for solutions before I post here. Using external software will mean everytime I want to adjust speed I will have to go to that software and re-adjust all my sound files then rexport them again. Once again very impractical solution. I just don’t understand why slomo in the engine doesn’t work for audio?

You are right about impractical.
Hm, perhaps here?
When you find a solution, it would be nice to post the workflow here.
Perhaps i could use it too, in some years perhaps, but interesting stuff.