Slomo - Behaves differently in PIE compared to New Window/Standalone

So, I have made a timeline to gradually slow down time when the player dies - and speed up just as the Death Sound comes to an end; It also fires off a camera shake.

This behaves perfectly in PIE - I did notice that the Timeline ALSO runs in Slomo so the 0.4 seconds of Slomo is actually more like 2-3 whole seconds.

This could be resolved if I split the sounds to fire as and when the Timeline adjusts, but what I did notice was when the game is ran in a New Window or Standalone, the Slomo timing is COMPLETELY off by about 0.5 seconds (real-time).

I believe this is something to do with the FPS of the game itself, because PIE doesn’t work when I try to record, which means I will have to untie my sounds.

I just wanted to post to make sure.



How do you have your timeline set up? Could you provide some screenshots?


It seems to react differently whenever it ones, but i feel as though its FPS related.

The duration of the effect is 2-3 seconds real-time but the timeline is 1 second long and the curve only goes up to 0.5 seconds.


Global Time Dilation directly affects Tick, which is affected by your frame rate. This is why you are experiencing different results in standalone, because the framerate in standalone is 60, while in PIE it is 120. You can cap the fps using the t.maxfps console command if you’d like to test this for yourself and see that if you set the framerate to 60, you will experience the same results in both standalone and PIE.

Let me know if there are any further questions.

Have a great day

I had a feeling this was the case, I just didn’t want to make assumptions.

Thankfully I have an easy fix using the event parameter on Timelines, I guess that’s just a downside of the pipeline the system follows.

Thanks for your help Sean!!

You too!