Slo-mo Glitch Question: MetaHuman Wearing Marvelous Designer Clothing

Although we did these projects in UE5, this may also be an issue in UE4.

For both Omar the Assassin and Penelope the Dancer we did slow-motion of the MetaHuman character wearing Marvelous Designer outfits (Alembic OGAWA), and rendered them in UE5.

However, in Penelope’s dance slo-mo, we found 4 frames where the cloth animation would fail to advance, remaining stationary in place, while the MetaHuman moves a frame or two on, with body parts breaking out of the cloth (see image below).

We fixed this in post… using Fusion to paint the clothing back over the revealed skin.

We’re not sure why this happens. At normal playback rate, the character and clothing are in perfect sync.

Any insight, suggestions, or advice will be much appreciated.