Slipsand Mario mechanic

Hi guys,

I am trying to make a mechanic like on this video. (Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough - Part 28 - Slipsand Galaxy - YouTube) 3:40

I’ve tried with launch character and physics material but I am not getting close to this.

Any idea of how can I do that?

Hi man, mario sliding is not very realistic at all, i would avoid the physics,
depending on your kind of level and slide you can start a particular behaviour of your char.
The behaviour is just raycast on the surface you have under your char and get the normal of that point of the mesh
make the char move in relation with that normal , and speed .
you will need to tweak the speed you gain and how much it slow down when uphill.

you can do this with the player movement component, it already handles slopes and everything. just ignore all player input on a certain axis (up and down) and always apply a force using a normal pointing down the slope. It doesn’t even really need to be down flush to the slope, either; just the general forward direction in which it’s pointing. If a force isn’t working out for you (might make you lift off the ground, can’t recall), try limiting the max walkspeed and applying input. Think of it as the player just walking down the slope but playing a sliding animation.