'Slippery' animation, help solving it

Honestly feel like i’m fumbling through UE4 and getting results without any of what I did really sinking in, but I imagine that’s just how these kinda things start. Got a character in UE using 1D blendspaces and it feels awesome having a playable character you’ve spent a bit of time on modelling ect. Blendspaces are pretty magical.

I’m inquiring to see if one of you folk can point me in the direction of any documentation what can make my character feel less… slide-y?

The animations are really sloppy 5 minute creations I was just using to have something to animate my character with so please excuse how terrible the run looks lol. 40 seconds in I press my crouch button really fast, it isn’t a glitch >_> but 50 seconds in is the best section of video what can describe what I’m trying to explain. I assume this can be done with blend-spaces what aren’t 1D?

You can try using root motion.