Slime simulation in realtime

This is a realtime slime/liquid effect in engine (4.21) using PhysX and Cloth (no fancy plugins or anything additional). Enjoy! Let me know if you have questions I can answer. I’m still fiddling with it a bit to try to get it consistently stable and looking just right in most situations.

It’s so satisfying, man…
Great Job!

Dat slime! looking good man, it feels like maybe it needs more weight? But so far it’s awesome

I updated the physics and I’m putting this out for free. Of course this is not a full featured game or application, it’s just a simple little thing using PhysX. There’s other stuff I’m messing around with here like lighting and material fx, seeing what can be done with dynamic lighting (penumbra shadows, DFAO), light refraction and caustics simulation. Much of this work is related to my other game Abducted.