Slight problems

Hi, I am Psykotykz

i am a student studying game design in belfast metroppolitan college northern ireland.

Sorry bout that thought id get it out of the way…

Anywho… i have been coming across problems with my home machine when running UE4,

the problem i am having is that it is deadlocking, now i dont know why becuase all of my pc is practially brand new except for the RAM And PSU

my spec’s are as follows

Intel i7 4790k 4Ghz
Corsair vengeance 1666 Mhz 2*8Gb (16Gb)
Maximus VI Formula (MB)
ROG GTX 760-p (4Gb)
Corsair CS 750 (PSU)

initially the GPU tweak that was issued with my graphics card was preventing it from even opening now i am coming across a deadlock after about 30 mins of user time… which is restricting me from doing any work at home outside of college.

Is their anyone out there that would have a solution to this issue,

i am under slight suspicion that i need to upgrade the PSU, whether or not i do not know.