Hey there, having an issue with animation, I added sliding animation from mixamo, it looked GREAT on the website, when I imported it, the animation “works”, It plays but he dosn’t lay down on the floor, he remains at running height while playing the animation,

He should “slide” on the floor, but he slides in the air, If someone could help, it would be very kind, thank you.

Where is the root bone?

What 3d app are you using? Can you show a screenshot of the skeleton hierarchy?
Im also using the mixamo slide but I had to retarget it with a custom process in maya to my skeleton for it to work nicely - maybe you should do too?

Oh, good idea, im guessing the root bone, well im not guessing, i know the root bone is like in the spine coming down and touching the floor! like if he had a stick stuck up his “A.R.S.E” ^^! so that might be the prob?

In fact its not like that in mixamo skeleton. It should be, but in mixamo, the root bone is the hip bone. Which is not good for game things.

So i would need maya to fix this?

Depends on how Maximo has animated the character.
It could also be that the UE4 importer has stripped something out of the animation, But probably not.
Does Maximo animate the character going towards the ground when the slide animation happens?

Maya is impossible to download. Would anyone have it, and that could throw it in dropbox and link it to me please? I have windows.

I went on there site, sign up, verified, but can’t download it because they say my acount is still not verified…

Yes, the perfect animation, sliding on the ground, when imported, sliding in air as if he was stuck

Perhaps the animation only make him look like he is sliding, Tweaking may be needed.

You could try Blender 3D, But I don’t really know it.


Alright will see what i can do, Oh and i didn’t mention, i am using the mesh from swing ninja, he has a cape, no face, nor ankles, could that be one of the issues?

I don’t think so as this should be a problem* with the animation.

*The animation might require that you move the component for a slide or something.

I downloaded maya, learning how to use it, and i’ll see if i can fix this! i’ll keep you posted

Good Luck!