Sliding physics on ice?

I see several options in PhysicalMaterial regarding friction and sliding. I’d like to make ice “slidy” in my game.

Has anyone managed to get this to work. No matter what properties I set on the physical material, my character always seems unaffected when walking across the surface.

I think the way I would do this is by creating a state in your PlayerController, say PlayerSliding, that works mostly like PlayerWalking. Or if you prefer, add a boolean, say bSliding, that you check in state PlayerWalking function ProcessMove. In ProcessMove, you can note Pawn.Velocity before you set Pawn.Acceleration, and you can make velocity decay slower and acceleration apply slower. And if acceleration is too high, you could even make the player fall, which could be fun.

Thanks @Nathaniel3W I’ll give that a shot.

We used a physics volume in our creeks and set those settings for the water to push against the player and slide him down stream. It worked for us. It is hard to get up stream as the volume makes it seems as if the water is pushing against the player, but down stream you kinda of slide like on ice.