Sliding door Blueprint example? compatible with 4.7.5


I have tried to follow along with the sliding door example in the WIKI but it seems to target an older version of UE4 so things mentioned are not in the same place or components act differently or refuse connections.

This one: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Can somebody please go through the first part of the linked tutorial (just to make the door open on trigger enter) with their own cube shape from the starter content shapes folder (not using the assets in the tutorial) and let me know the changes they make for UE4 4.7.5?

I had issues with Set Relative Location not accepting my door mesh. And also the End Door Position offset not working like an offset but applying on all 3 axis more like an absolute world position.


I did this in 4.7.5

Hmmm, well it must be how im referencing my “goal” variable maybe? My door moves but just in a completely different direction to where I set the “goal” vector in the scene. The watch variables are reporting the correct positions when I simulate though.

Glad you got it, Another resolved :slight_smile:

I finally got it working. The problem all along was using the door as the root component. I should have been using a door frame as the root and then animating a static mesh component of a door mesh inside that. This way the trigger volume wouldn’t move with the door because its attached to the frame and also the door (being a sub of door frame) could animate from local coordinates 0,0,0 to whatever.