Sliding Collision Problem

Hi everyone, I am trying to handle collisions between a simple mesh sliding on a series of platforms dynamically generated one after the other once the sliding mesh overlaps a trigger box. Every single platform is created as a simple box scaled by a factor 120 on the x direction.
The problem comes when the mesh slides over the overlapping point between the old platform and the newly generated one. It seems like in this point my mesh collides with the face facing the directional movement and not the one on the upper side, as if there was a step between the platforms even if they have the same heigh. I tried to generate the new platform before the end of the other one, and also giving some offset of negative z on the newly generated platform: this seems to reduce the frequency at which this problem occurs but it does not eliminate the problem completely.
Is there a way to completely ignore collisions with only one of the faces of the box, or any other way to solve the problem?

As additional info,
I also tried changing the box mesh with a plane or other figures with a smoother angle between the two faces, as well as editing the physical contact offset in the project settings, but nothing changed.
Any kind of help would be grateful.